How Our Stories Reveal the Thing We Want Most feat. Bob Wheatley

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Bob Wheatley is the author of Our Hearts’ Desire. As fans and students of stories, themes, and motifs, Courtney and Bob dive into a conversation about how the stories we consume reflect the ultimate story we are a part of, The Gospel. In this episode, you’ll hear: 

  • Bob’s testimony of chasing a professional baseball career and living a “check the box” Christian life until everything changed.  
  • How to pursue an authentic and real life with the Lord 
  • What does true surrender in our faith look like 
  • How the story of the Gospel is weaved through so many of our favorite stories 
  • Why the hero, villain, love interest in stories tug our heart so much 
  • How we see ourselves through God, the true lover of our soul
  • We are the love interest in the story and how we interact with the hero
  • What should we put our everlasting hope in 

Go deeper and ask yourself what you really want. What do you yearn or long for?

Go enjoy a story and pay attention to what’s going on in the story.

About Bob:  

Bob Wheatley is a bestselling author, podcaster, and former professional athlete. He serves as a co-host of That Singles’ Show—a singles ministry sponsored by KCBI Radio in Dallas—and his work has been featured on nationally syndicated radio outlets like WAY-FM and THE FISH. After graduating from the University of Southern California, Bob played four years of professional baseball in the Toronto Blue Jays’ and St. Louis Cardinals’ minor league systems. In his spare time, Bob likes to read, write, hike, and watch sports. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee. 

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