Security Clearances for the Heart: Understanding Emotional Boundaries

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In this episode of Grace for the Growth, we get to know Krysta Miller. Born and raised in northern Indiana, Krysta faced various traumatic experiences, which sparked her journey to self-discovery and healing. Her unsuccessful attempt to start a singles community at her church led her to create an uplifting Facebook group for those hurt by the church. Through therapy and self-reflection, she overcame her fears of rejection and developed a stronger sense of self-love. Krysta and Courtney explore how trauma is held and processed within the body, and how rejection is a sign of incompatibility rather than a personal failure. We also discuss the changing cultural dynamics of dating in 2023 and encourage listeners in their own unique approach to dating.

  • Healing from trauma is a journey involving therapy, self-reflection, and developing tools to process triggers.
  • Self-love and rejection resilience can be cultivated through practical steps such as affirmations and reframing negative thoughts.
  • In the context of dating, rejection is not a personal attack, but rather a signal of incompatibility.


About Krysta:

A northern Indiana native, Krysta is the founder of a rapidly growing Facebook group for 30+ year old singles with an emphasis on fostering Christ-focused community. She is known best for her love of coffee, cows, and her heart for people. She is a proud auntie of 3 wonderful kiddos and in her spare time loves spending quality time with friends, hitting the gym, and reading.

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