Becoming Who God Created You to Be feat. Emily Cummins

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I’m so thrilled to introduce you to Emily as we discuss what it looks like to BE who God created you to be. Our conversation is full of encouragement and insight that I believe will help you on this journey of authenticity, freedom and becoming. In this episode, I chat with Emily about:  

  • Her journey as a recovering perfectionist 
  • How and why the Lord led her to launch Becoming Me 
  • How do you work through embracing those imperfections 
  • Be who God created you to be 
  • How to shift from focusing on what you “do” to who you are “becoming”  
  • How can we create space to help others on their becoming journey  
  • How to release control in pursuit of freedom 
  • How to place our identity in Jesus vs other things of this world 
  • What to do with the disappointment of singleness and how to trust God in it  

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About Emily:  

Emily Cummins is passionately pursuing becoming who God made her to be and partnering with people to become who they were made to be too. Emily is the founder of BecomingMe.TV, an author, speaker, podcast host, and Communications Pastor at Church of Hope in Ocala, Florida. Connect with Emily and BecomingMe.TV at and on social media at @emilybcummins and

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