Living Fully in the Present: The Danger of Postponing Life feat. Lauren Mathues

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In this refreshing episode of “Grace for the Growth” with Courtney Leo, guest Lauren Methues, a dating and relationship coach, shared her journey of personal development and faith. Lauren’s story featured valuable lessons on embracing unpredictability in life, trusting in God’s timing, and the importance of being present, even in temporary moments. She highlighted the fallacy of the “if/then” equation in our relationship with God, reminding us that God’s grace is not transactional.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Embrace the Present: Lauren emphasized the importance of being present and finding lessons and blessings in every season. She advised not to postpone life waiting for plans to unfold.
  2. God is not Transactional: Lauren put to rest the unhealthy mindset that God is transactional. She underscored that one cannot miss what God has in store for them.
  3. Trust in God’s Sovereignty: The conversation was highlighted by the theme of trusting God’s sovereignty. The belief that wherever you presently are is exactly where you need to be was a key message.
  4. Recognize Your Desires: Both Lauren and Courtney encouraged listeners to identify and honor their desires. They emphasized the need for personal reflection and bold dreaming despite life’s uncertainties.
  5. Take Action towards Your Dreams: Lauren instructed that God-honoring dreams require action, even when outcomes are uncertain. She suggested taking manageable steps towards fulfilling these desires.


About Lauren:

Lauren Mathues is a dating and relationship coach for Christians who want to make sense of modern dating and find the love they want.

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