“I was NOT expecting this” – 3 Things I’ve Learned About Grief

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As we enter into this holiday season, there are a lot of emotions of joy and thankfulness but also moments of sadness and grief of loss or waiting. Grief is often looked at as this big thought or this big concept reserved for traumatic pain that often times we discredit ourselves from stepping into the healing process. We compare our grief to others. We don’t know how to handle missed expectations, drifting relationships or being let down again. We stuff it and we carry it on our own. In this episode of Grace for the Growth, Courtney shares 3 things she’s learned about grief. She dives into real authentic conversation about how to navigate when things don’t turn out the way that we planned. How do we bring God in to it? Is it too much for God? Is it not big enough of a deal for him?

Also stick around through the end for an inspired Holy Spirit moment that may just be for you. 🤍


Seasons of Waiting | Dr. Barb Hill
Matthew 11:28-30 NLT 
Psalm 130: 1-18 NLT 

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