“I Talk to God & My Therapist”: Blending Faith and Therapy to be your Mental Health GPS with Mike Guess

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This week, I join my friend, Mike Guess, as we talk all things mental health and therapy. Mike started attending therapy and addressing traumas in his life and now encourages others on their journeys as well. If you have wondered “Why therapy?” “What is the value of it?” “What to look for in therapy?” “How does this work with prayer and faith?”, this is the episode for you!  

Topics we discuss:  

  • Mike’s story and journey 
  • How to blend faith and therapy together 
  • Is praying about it enough?  
  • What are some things to look for in a therapist? 
  • The different purposes of therapy 
  • The power of vulnerability  
  • Men & vulnerability
  • How to create safe spaces in relationships  
  • Is therapy for you even if you haven’t been through intense trauma? 
  • Therapy as a GPS for life 

About Mike:  

Mike Guess is a father and creative who spent many years working in the music industry as an artist, producer, and engineer. However, when the pandemic brought the world to a standstill, Mike’s life took a new direction. He recognized the need to confront the traumas he had experienced throughout his life and started attending therapy sessions, which had a profound impact on him. 

Inspired by his own transformation, Mike launched Be Good Brand in November 2021, with the goal of promoting the benefits of therapy and ending the stigma surrounding seeking help. The brand has made a profound impact, with a growing community of advocates in 49 states and three countries. Mike and his team continue to advocate for the power of therapy, the importance of mental health, and spreading hope and positivity. 

Want to connect with Mike and Be Good Brand more? 

Website | Instagram | Other Mental Health Resources 

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