Learning to Grieve Well with Bridgett Blood

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On today’s episode, I get to introduce you to one of my dearest friends, Bridgett Blood. Bridgett life song of encouraging people to grieve well, rest well and love well has been so impactful in my life. Our conversation today is full of deep truth, extreme vulnerability and personal stories as we dive into this conversation. We talk about:  

  • How to avoid comparing grief 
  • How to hold space and be intentional with others in their grief 
  • Grief helps us live more authentically 
  • Utilizing compassion and curiosity for ourselves as we experience triggers 
  • Allowing people to carry the weight of the hurt they cause us 
  • The relationship between resentment and boundaries 
  • Finding freedom as we listen to our mind, heart, and body 

About Bridgett:

Bridgett is passionate about emotional health, trauma informed discipleship and sexual wholeness. She is a gifted communicator who enjoys equipping others to live powerfully in the tension of both the glory and grief of life. You will always find her learning new things! Whether that’s listening to a podcast, taking an e-course and reading or book. After serving as a spiritual formation pastor in Ohio for five years, Bridgett recently moved to Nashville TN where she founded Recover Your Life Consulting in hopes of empowering people to grieve well, rest well and love well.

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