Wrestling for Answers & Leaning into Grief with Kathryn Means

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Healthy relationships have healthy conflict. So why do we feel like we can’t wrestle with the Lord? Kathryn Means, host of the podcast Unlearning the Narrative of Singleness, shares about feeling like the older son in the parable of the Prodigal Son. “God, I’ve done it right. Why is marriage not a gift to me? Why have I never been chosen?” Many times we find ourselves pursuing the idol of marriage instead of the heart of God. 

  • Why have I not been chosen?
  • Finding freedom through grieving
  • Singleness is a gift to the body of Christ
  • To receive the gift, we have to own it
  • God is not Santa Claus or a vending machine
  • How to hold on to hope
  • Can God handle my emotion and grief?

About Kathryn:

Kathryn never intended to be an expert in Christian singleness, but at 42 years old and never married, that’s just what happened. Passionate about bridging the gap between single and married Christ-Followers and exposing the idol the Church has made of marriage, she is the host of Unlearning the Narrative of Singleness, found wherever you listen to podcasts. Dog mom to Willa, daughter to two outrageously generous parents, aunt to three really cool nephews, and sister to biological and spiritual siblings alike, Kathryn is leaning into community now more than ever before, knowing there is safety in the risk of being known.

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