Shifting Some Singleness Mindsets

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There is NO topic I have more requests to share about than Singleness…and I’m not mad about it at all. 😊 We have a lot to cover and it’s much more than one episode but here’s a summary of what we dive into :

Courtney’s personal story of when she realized she was going to have a single season separate from the model she’d expected

We take some time to breakdown some narratives or mindsets that we often hear in singleness. Here are some truths we share:You can be content in singleness and also be sad at the same time.

  • Singleness isn’t a preseason or waiting room season. Singleness is a season. Period.
  • Marriage isn’t a reward for doing singleness well. “If only I was_____ enough.” There isn’t a pass/fail for your singleness and if you pass, you get marriage.
  • Run your race fully. Don’t let anyone dim your light. Don’t settle for misaligned purpose to prioritize the idol that marriage can become.
  • Don’t settle for companionship instead of partnership
  • Your Heavenly Father LOVES YOU. Spend time with him. Know his character. Get to know the peace the Holy Spirit brings. He gives good gifts. He won’t skimp out on you.
  • Singleness isn’t your punishment

And I answer the listener submitted question: What legacy do you want to leave in your season of singleness and how you do it?

I pray that this episode encourages you and invites you to reflect and journal on these thoughts. Have there been moments where some of these mindsets have creeped in? Is it time to speak some truth to them.

I’d LOVE to hear what stands out to you and what strikes a chord with you. Please reach out and lets chat more about this. Let me know what we should talke more about!

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